Kennedy’s Kottage


Hey, This post is about a girl at T.D.T., a dance group that I go to every other Friday. Her name is Kennedy and she is 13 years old. Kennedy comes to T.D.T. with a big smile, excited and ready to dance. She loves T.D.T. and the friends that she has made there. On the […]

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Hey, This Thanksgiving my grandparents came over and celebrated with us. It was so much fun and we were all stuffed. 😀           We also had had pork chops (my Dad isn’t a very big turkey fan).  I didn’t get to a picture because they were eaten up so fast. Now […]

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The Natural Bridge and the Va Safari


Hey, A few weeks ago my Memaw and Papaw took me and my brothers to the Natural Bridge and the VA Safari. We stayed there for two days and went home the next. The N.B. (Natural Bridge) is so big!! You see the pictures on the internet but you’ll never know how HUGE it is […]

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OBX Beach Trip! Part 2


Hey, I just want to start by saying how sorry I am for not getting this post out sooner. In this post I am going to show you the pool, sunrise pics, and some other random shots.       Me and dad went out one morning and I caught the sunrise with my camera. […]

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OBX Beach Trip! Part 1


Hey, I said there would be a BIG post. 😀 It was SOOOOO much fun. We left last Sunday and came back today. The house had a pool, a pool table, and a foosball table.     There were a few AMAZING sunsets. Here are just a couple of pictures that I took.     […]

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Mom’s Birthday

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 7.01.59 PM

Hey, My mom’s birthday was a few days ago, and we had a fun time. The night before we decorated.           -Maddie- P.S. Just so everyone knows, there will be a BIG post up in about a week or so. 😀  

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Favorite Pics


Hey, In this post I will talk about some of my favorite pictures. I like this one because of the sunlight coming through the clouds. This pic does not any explaining… This one was actually was a lucky shot. We were driving to the beach and I was looking at some other pictures on my […]

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