Favorite Pics


In this post I will talk about some of my favorite pictures.


I like this one because of the sunlight coming through the clouds.


This pic does not any explaining…


This one was actually was a lucky shot. We were driving to the beach and I was looking at some other pictures on my camera. I almost didn’t get the photo.

IMG_2286 (1)

I enjoy this one because the water looks very fascinating.


This picture is neat. When do you get to see a lionfish?


I LOVE this pic because the sun was perfectly lined up for this shot. You can really see the sun’s colors on the sand. 😀


I think you have seen this picture around my blog. It is my favorite photo I have ever taken. I like it because of the vivid colors.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 8.18.42 PM

Just because you can not leave out the braves logo. 😀


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  2. Hey, just wanted to let you know that MASN returned my email and I did win!!! 😀 😀 😀 It said, “Congrats! I will send you the details later.” Hoping that “later” isn’t to far away! It feels like I waited for 4ever just to get that 1st email!

  3. Hi! I like your new theme 😀 Did you take that water picture or is that how it comes by default? Looking great anyway! One question… In your “favorite pictures” category are you planning to take more pics and have another favorite pics post to put in there? What kind of posts will be in that category???

    == Kendall

  4. 2 new posts on my blog. I have a question. Is it ok if I try out Zeal for my blog? I would use different background, colors, etc. Just wanted to check with you before I tried out that theme. Not sure if I will even use it though. Anyway, just let me know if it’s alright with you! Thanks!

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