Mom’s Birthday


My mom’s birthday was a few days ago, and we had a fun time. The night before we decorated.

This is the banner that I made for Mom.


We bought Mom some balloons. This is just ONE of them. Them Mom came down and we did presents.


This is my card that I gave Mom.


These were some flowers that Dad bought Mom. There was roses and little white flowers. I don’t know what the white ones were.


Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 7.01.59 PM
Then we ate breakfast and went to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Unfortunately I don’t have any more pictures. Thank you for reading this and have a blessed day. 😀



P.S. Just so everyone knows, there will be a BIG post up in about a week or so. 😀


40 thoughts on “Mom’s Birthday

      1. You’re welcome, Maddie! Have fun this week! I miss you. 🙁 I will be SO SO SO SO excited when your post gets out. Hey, what did you think of the pics I edited with GIMP???

  1. Hey, I know you’re probably getting ready/headed/at the beach (sorry, that doesn’t make that much sense) so you probably aren’t checking my blog but I am working on a new post now so if you see this feel free to check it out! It should be out by 12:30-1:00 ish 🙂 Have an AWESOME week 😀 😀 😀

  2. Hey, I was testing out different themes and I really like Athena. I just changed my blog to it right before lunch. Just warning you… my blog theme is changing like every day right now :/ I really enjoy trying out new themes.

  3. Cool! Sounds really fun! Did Matthew pass along my message? It is ok if he didn’t. I just wanted to let you know that everything is ok now!!! Yay! 😀 😀 😀

      1. I already know. 🙂 Why is he him?! He should totally be Matt Kemp! He is the best player on the team. By the way, new post! It is really short though. Yes, I really do like your theme. Didn’t you say that you got a picture to be the background pic? Like flowers or something? I thought that was what you said at the party. One more question: Will you be able to play tomorrow? We will (I think) tomorrow but not today. We are headed to Charlottesville right after Freddie’s piano lesson (which is going to be early today). Love you!


        1. We wanted him to be Ender because his then his nickname would be different than his real name. Cool I will check it out. The background pic is mom’s flowers. 😀 I think we will be able to also.

          1. Yay!!! See you after school. Yeah, I guess that it would be more ”fun” if his nickname was not his real name. Thanks for checking out my blog! Yep, seven years! One with Dad at home (it was more like chords and note names) and then six years with my current teacher! BTW, great header! Wasn’t it a pic of Ender ( 😉 ) yesterday?

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