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This post is about a girl at T.D.T., a dance group that I go to every other Friday. Her name is Kennedy and she is 13 years old. Kennedy comes to T.D.T. with a big smile, excited and ready to dance. She loves T.D.T. and the friends that she has made there. On the outside you would think that everything is fine. But, that is far from true in Kennedy’s case.  On the inside she is very ill. Without using medical terms, her body is attacking itself. There is currently no cure, and no end of sight because it is so rare. Here is the situation in Kennedy’s own words.

“Hi, my name is Kennedy. I have Pediatric Lupus SLE. Because of the lupus my immune system sees some of my other systems as an enemy. It is attacking some of my systems like it would rid a virus from my body. One main part of my blood stream that it is attacking is my platelets. This caused another disease called ITP. I am hospitalized every couple of weeks because my platelets get critically low. The treatment for this is called IVIG, but his is just a band aid on the real problem. It only brings my platelets up temporarily before they drop back down to critical level.I take several medicines a day, and I get chemo therapy that helps temporarily. I am getting ready to to New York because my doctors at MCV do not know what other treatment options they can do help my illness. This is a hard disease to fight every day, but other people’s love and support helps me a lot. With everyone’s love I know that I am not going on this journey alone.”




This is Kennedy’s Kottage. It is made of graham crackers, gummy bears, candy canes, mints, frosting, and so much more. We are raffling this huge candy house off. 100% of all of the money that will be made will be given to Kennedy and her family to help with medical bills. Each raffle ticket are five dollars or you can buy five tickets for $20 below. If you want to make a donation (they are tax-deductible) you can pay below.  Kennedy will pick the winner at the Christmas Ball on Dec. 16.  You do not have to buy a raffle ticket to donate and vice-versa. If you have any questions feel free to comment below.


This is a picture of Kennedy.

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