I’m doing this post because my little bro is 14 months now!! Here are a few pictures and videos of Maddox in the past couple a months.

Funny every time.

That doll is mine, by the way. 😉



He’s holding my bracelet. Too cute!!


This is one of my favorites. He’s walking with his Grandpa.


Here are a few videos.




Micah was just trying to do his piano! 😉

Sorry, if some of the pictures (or videos) are blurry. I took them off of my phone. 🙂 Thank you for reading this and have a blessed day.



2 thoughts on “Maddox!

  1. Love your photos and videos Maddie. I missed seeing photos of Matthew and your Dad. Did you get a photo of Maddox wrinkling his nose? I hope to buy one of your quilling creations. Maybe a couple of ornaments for the tree. Love you. Grandma.

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